Surilox Alpacas

Need a Shearer?

Peter shears on a custom-made table and will come to you to shear Suris and Huacayas.
The beauty of shearing on a table is that the tilt action makes getting the alpaca onto the table a simple and stress-free experience.
It is less stressful for the alpaca than having to force it to the ground. It is also easier on the shearers back.
Once the alpaca is on the table drenching and nail clipping are easy to do!

Book now for next season.
2 alpacas or 100….  Peter will try to combine a trip to you with others in your area. This will minimise the travel expenses.
Cost per animal depends on numbers.

Since 2008 our fleece is used by Alpaca Design for use in their gorgeous garments and accessories.
You can see them at

  Shearing  table
Photos by Stella Kitson